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ERP system the first phase of training

Date:2015/8/19    Access:2353 Secondary

August 17 to 18, we have the training of the ERP system,RP is built on the basis of information technology to systematic management thinking, for business decision-makers and staff to run the means to provide decision management platform.It is to improve the company's business processes, improve the company's core competitiveness has a significant role. As the company grew, more and more detailed division of labor, leading to various departments can share information, information transmission speed is slow, restricting the development of the company.If you do not establish a management information system which adapts to achieve standardization of management to improve the company's operating efficiency, it is difficult in this era of increasingly fierce competition to win.Thus, according to the development needs of the company's management to achieve standardization, scale, as the international goals, and actively introducing ERP systems manage to achieve full and effective use of resources, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and ensure timely delivery and other commitments more demand-side management.Therefore, the introduction of ERP management is the inevitable demand for enterprise development.

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