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Pensions photovoltaic pilot project!

Date:2015/8/18    Access:2452 Secondary

“My little formal power plant it!” Not only can meet from home, it can also be sold to the grid used up。August 16, 2015, saw the construction of their own success and the 220-volt photovoltaic roof project, Yangxin city, Mr.Wan look irrepressible excitement.Mr.Wan 220-volt master project installed capacity of photovoltaic grid 3KW, use self-occupied, power more than the way the Internet, if adequate light, good equipment performance, 3-5 years to recover.

Now technological advances, new green clean energy is imperative, efficiency more excellent product quality, government departments, power companies have given strong support, so that photovoltaic power generation project is progressing well.

Compared to off-grid solar power system and grid system has the following advantages:

1. The use of clean, renewable natural energy solar power, do not consume non-renewable resources are limited carbonaceous fossil energy use, no greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions, and ecological harmony, consistent with sustainable economic and social development strategy.

2. the power can be fed into the grid to power grid as storage devices. When a large power load, the power shortage on the purchase of solar electricity to the mains. And when the load is small, or ever use electricity, it can sell the excess electricity mains. Under the premise back grid, eliminating the need for the system battery, thereby expanding the range and flexibility of use, increase secondary pollution MTBF system and battery, and reduce the cost.

3. The photovoltaic cell assembly and building the perfect combination, can generate electricity but also as building materials and decoration materials, make full use of material resources to play a variety of functions, not only help to reduce construction costs, and also to enable the building to improve the scientific and technological content, increase "selling point."

4.The distributed construction, the nearest local distributed generation, grid flexible entry and exit, only help to enhance the power system against wars and disasters, but also help to improve the load-balancing the power system, and reduce lines.

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