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Jiugongshan Tourism

Date:2015/8/14    Access:2344 Secondary

 Jiugongshan Tourism   

  August 8, 2015 - August 9 company organized staff Jiugongshan tourism.Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also the release of stress and relax.

          Jiugongshan , national nature reserves, national 4A level scenic spots, national geological park.Located in the southeast of Tongshan City of Hubei Province, Hubei and Jiangxi border runs through the mountains in the middle of mufu.Jiugongshan total area of 196 square kilometers, of granite, metamorphic rocks of the hole structure, is the fault of glacial landforms mountain terrain.Mufu whole highest mountain is our Jiugongshan "crows sharp" also called "old Cliff sharp", 1657 meters above sea level, is one of the highest in central and southern

          In a busy work life, we have been looking for is such a unique experience distinct from ordinary life. Two world time slip means over, we get enough, with a little aftertaste with a hint of sadness embark on the journey back.

          Through this rafting, not only increased the team spirit of employees, and enrich the cultural life of the employees, to promote the company's cultural exchange

Activities laughter, screams one after another, even as a. Finally, activity in a fun atmosphere successful conclusion!

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