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Safety production supervision departments to visit our company for safety inspection

Date:2015/8/4    Access:2301 Secondary

ecently, the zone of production safety supervision departments to visit our company for safety inspection, for the protection of safe production, eliminate hidden hazards, ensure safe and smooth conduct of the work carried out on-site guidance. Inspectors to carry out our work safety has been fully affirmed. It requires us to redouble our efforts, alarm bells ringing, and assign responsibilities. In humbly listen to the views and suggestions of inspectors, the company leadership attaches great importance, that it would continue to strengthen the responsibility to implement and strengthen safety education and training, the establishment of a sound security management mechanism, increase investment in safety, always supervise the responsible person less timely rectification.

Enterprise is the main responsibility for production safety, we will continue to carefully organize the study and implement, implement, learn from the experience of advanced security units, security management work to a new level.

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