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Good news | Congratulations to our company for the first Huangshi

Date:2021/4/30    Access:777 Secondary

Huangshi Credit Office held an award ceremony for the comprehensive evaluation and evaluation of the first integrity demonstration enterprise on "building credit Yellowstone and optimizing business environment ". Xiguang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the first "good faith demonstration enterprise" title of Huangshi City. This is the first time Huangshi City has carried out comprehensive evaluation and selection activities for the city's integrity demonstration enterprises. Aims to further promote the city's social integrity system construction,.

The event was initiated and selected by a leading group for the construction of the municipal social credit system composed of 20 departments, including the Huangshi Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee, the Municipal Intermediate Court, the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Economic Information, the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Municipal Bureau of Social Affairs, the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, the Municipal Bureau of Taxation and the Market Supervision Bureau. A total of 80" good faith demonstration enterprises "and 40" good faith demonstration cultivation enterprises" were selected by enterprises engaged in production and business activities in the Huangshi area through voluntary declaration, preliminary evaluation, joint departmental review, comprehensive evaluation by third parties, extensive solicitation of opinions and public announcement by the community ".

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