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January Monthly Staff Meeting 2021

Date:2021/1/8    Access:1774 Secondary

The meeting was divided into two parts :

1. Each part of this month's work summary and next month's work plan

2. Monthly excellent staff awards 

The heads of departments summarize the work of this month and plan the target for next month: the first item of the meeting:

 the supervisors made arrangements for the work of the department and the plan for next month. Wu Shihuan, director of the manufacturing center,

 summed up recent shortcomings, strengthened staff training, improved work efficiency, and standardized simple things. Wang Qin, 

director of personnel administration, stressed work discipline at the meeting. Li Yuxia, director of the marketing center, also made a concluding

 statement on sales performance in December and set an annual target for 2021. 

The second item of the meeting: excellent staff award congratulations to our assembly workshop Comrade Li Jinqing and Comrade Cao Xiaodong,

 also hope in the future work do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, with the company common progress.

Extraordinary 2020 has passed, full of hope and challenge 2021 quietly arrived. In the face of 2021, 

we are full of vision, passion, higher goals waiting for us to achieve, larger markets waiting for us to conquer,

 more spectacular undertakings waiting for us to wield wisdom and talent, let us together with confidence and courage,

 Swagger and write a brighter future. 

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