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November monthly staff meeting

Date:2020/11/12    Access:1384 Secondary

On the 6th of this month, the October monthly summing up meeting came as promised, and everyone was full of energy and high morale. The meeting was divided into three parts :1. Each department this month work summary and next month work plan 2. Monthly outstanding staff award 3. Each department head monthly target responsibility letter signed. 

01. The departments summarize the work of this month and plan the target for next month

The heads of departments summarize the work of this month and plan the target for next month. At the meeting, Wu Shihuan, director of the manufacturing center, stressed: strengthen professional training, improve work efficiency, put an end to the production of bad products, and meet the delivery date of customers in time; Huanghe, director of the quality center, also said: this month's final inspection rate of less than 2% is worth affirming everyone's hard work, but there are still some low-level problems, need to strengthen quality awareness in the work, give customers a great experience; finally, our marketing center director Qin Lei also said that the marketing center staff need to strengthen online and offline promotion, Grandglow let more people know. 

2) Each department 02. Monthly Outstanding staff Award 

Excellent business level, for the company to create better corporate benefits, professional skills business level excellent, but also for the company to create good corporate benefits. This month's excellent staff assembly workshop Li Fangping and transformer workshop Wu Jianfeng they are one of the outstanding professional skills and business level personnel, in the work, high enthusiasm for work, strict treatment of work everywhere for the company to consider, Be able to accept and correct suggestions at the same time. 

03. Monthly target responsibilities of managers 

A clear goal is like an indicator light that illuminates your way forward. Every day there are a lot of things that interfere with us, but people with goals will habitually remove spam and do what they should do. On the contrary, people with no goals will be blinded by spam, do this for a while, do that for a while, work is not clear, finally nothing, will not create any value or income for the team and the company. The signing of the target responsibility letter is to strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, self-pressurize, adjust the train of thought, determine the goal, actively study the countermeasures and measures, and master the working methods and methods. November has arrived, in the days to come we are bound to climb the peak, create brilliant again! !! 

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