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Welcome leaders of the Quality Supervision Bureau to visit our company

Date:2020/5/20    Access:2004 Secondary

     On the afternoon of May 18th, the provincial quality supervision bureau and the leaders of the city and district came to our company for product quality management inspection, and they also understood some of the problems encountered after the company resumed production and re-production; they carefully checked The quality of our inverter products and inquiries about product market sales, etc. General Manager Peng expressed a warm welcome to the leaders of the Quality Supervision Bureau and introduced the company's situation in detail to the leaders of the Quality Supervision Bureau.

      The company's leaders promised to ensure the best quality of the products to the greatest extent, to achieve better customer service, and adhere to the goal of always maintaining the industry's first-line products. The leaders of the Quality Supervision Bureau give our company high attention to quality work and strict ISO9001 quality assurance system.  The inspection and standardization of the scientific "6S" on-site management work were highly recognized, and the company's inverter products and other series of products have further understanding of market access and after-sales service.

 Our vision is to become a supplier of high-quality power products, facing the whole country and going to the world.
 Our mission is to manufacture intelligent and safe power supply and serve a safe and harmonious society.
 Our core values are quality, speed, technology, cost, integrity and responsibility.

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