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Welcome Mayor and Related Goverment Leaders to Our Company for Visit

Date:2019/12/18    Access:904 Secondary

        This morning, Dong Weimin, Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Huangshi, Wu Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, Secretary of the Tieshan District Committee, Huang Jinguo, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, He Yunping, Deputy Mayor, and the principals of various departments came to our company for investigation. Manager Peng warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders of the municipal party committee and introduced the company's recent development status and future development direction to the city leaders.

        During the visit, Mr. Peng accompanied the city leaders to visit the workshop production process, and introduced the company's development direction to the city leaders, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders.

        Through on-site inspections and listening to reports, the leaders of the municipal party committee highly evaluated the development of our company, fully affirming the practicability of new energy inverters and fire-fighting electronic and electrical products produced by our company. President Peng said that the achievement of today ’s achievements is inseparable from the party ’s policy of enriching the people and the government ’s long-term care, help, and support. It is also the result of the company ’s employees who persist in pioneering and innovative, pursuing excellence, and working hard.

       Finally, the leaders of the municipal party committee hope that the company will attach importance to development and innovation, make persistent efforts to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to promoting local economic development and building a civilized and harmonious Huangshi.

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