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Congratulations on the smooth entry of our products into the largest desert in China - Taklimakan Desert!

Date:2019/5/6    Access:2011 Secondary

Recently, our company cooperated with the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to smoothly install photovoltaic pump inverter products in the Taklimakan Desert, the largest desert in China. The product has good debugging performance and has been put into normal use.

       The Taklimakan Desert is China's largest desert and the second largest mobile desert in the world. The Taklimakan Desert is a warm temperate arid desert with a maximum temperature of 67.2 °C and a temperature difference of over 40 °C. The average annual precipitation is less than 100 mm, the lowest is only four or five millimeters, and the average evaporation is as high as 2,500 to 3,400 mm. Water is so precious in such a harsh environment.

The photovoltaic water pump inverter produced by Grandglow New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. replaces the storage battery with water storage in the solar photovoltaic automatic water pump system, directly drives the pump to lift water, and provides sufficient and precious water resources for the desert in the environment to become a desert. A beautiful scenery.

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