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Warmly welcome the Huangjinshan Development Zone Leader visiting our company

Date:2018/11/30    Access:1868 Secondary

On November 12, 2018, Cheng Yanmin, the deputy director of Yu Culture and deputy director of Yu Aimin, from Huangshi Huangjinshan Development Zone, visited our company to inspect and guide the work. Mr. Peng personally led everyone to visit our company showroom and technology research and development laboratory.

During the visit to the exhibition hall, Director Cheng and his entourage carefully inquired about the company's patent and technology awards, and encouraged us to participate in multinational technical certificate applications to set an example for the development zone enterprises.

Subsequently, under the leadership of General Peng, Director Cheng and his team visited our company's technology research and development laboratory. Mr. Cheng asked the technical research and development of our company with great interest. The director of the company's technical department Li introduced the technical solutions being developed in detail. Mr. Cheng gave affirmation to our company's technology research and development capabilities and encouraged us to expand the laboratory and introduce More talents and better products.

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