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Introduction from the difference between the PV inverter and the network and the grid inverter

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AC photovoltaic system, the inverter is an integral part of the current due to various technical or policy reasons, all the independent photovoltaic power generation system and the exchange of national unity grid network to take some some time. Thus the PV inverter market to distinguish PV off-grid inverters and photovoltaic grid-connected inverter categories. [Shenzhen Huayi special New Energy Technology] professional off-grid solar inverter manufacturers, to meet the development needs, providing customers with the best off-grid inverter, power frequency sine wave inverter!
Off-grid PV inverter and PV grid-connected inverter no major difference in the main circuit structure, the main difference in the photovoltaic grid-connected inverters require consideration and network operation and grid security. That is the same frequency; the same phase; the ability of anti-islanding and other control special circumstances. The photovoltaic off-grid inverter does not need to consider these factors.
Interpretation of the word
Same frequency and phase:
Island effect: When the result of special factors led to disruption of power supply, and each grid to grid PV system is still running, continue to supply power to the grid and load, a phenomenon known as island effect.
PV off-grid inverter with PV grid-connected inverter like the inverter has a higher efficiency; require high reliability; require DC input voltage has a wide range of adaptation; in the medium and large capacity The photovoltaic system, inverter output should be less distortion sine wave.
HET POWER PV off-grid inverter complete specifications, with the advent of the human low-carbon life, new energy use more and more attention, the rapid development of solar photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic off-grid inverter market will also be more increasingly broad.

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