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Draft Access photovoltaic industry hot lead capacity threshold should not

Date:2014/9/17    Access:2702 Secondary

Drafted by the Ministry of Industry, "solar photovoltaic industry access" draft has been completed and discussions held recently had two meetings. The access conditions on the production scale enterprises, research and development capabilities, the conversion efficiency has made it clear that involve ingots, wafers, cells, modules and thin-film crystalline silicon solar cells.
The experts participating in the discussion of the draft, said access conditions are identified as one of the State Council executive meeting to support the photovoltaic industry after the policy was first introduced in the upcoming six supporting policies fit the elimination of backward production capacity target.
Amid mixed standard level
One opinion: a standard is a good thing, but fear across the board.
Second opinion: Set an access conditions, but it is not necessary to reach the close, should allow enterprises to free competition.
Three views of: standards are set too low, we can come in, after the implementation of the status quo would not achieve inhibition of overcapacity.
It is understood that the draft decision access conditions: crystalline silicon business in the same factory wafers, cells and modules in a link capacity of not less than 200MW.
For this one, the industry said, the scale should not be the only threshold, but 200MW indeed too low, or at least should be increased to 500MW 1000MW. Some large companies are still carried out in the traditional markets in low-homogeneous competition, eager to obtain cash and consume their own production capacity, these conditions are no longer profitable but the production capacity of enterprises, access conditions it is not intended to be out of the market large enterprises to protect the inside.
But in Zhejiang PV industry technology innovation and strategic clever Secretary-General, ZHAO Yong Hangzhou Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association as the representative of the views of the view that, 200MW capacity requirements a bit high. He said: "If the simple to the capacity of industry to be divided, many small businesses have market access conditions are likely to be squeezed down by 200MW 100MW, some companies have to continue to survive if we raise to 100MW, so Zhejiang. Province will be annihilated. "
PV executives of a listed company in Zhejiang, said: "If the standard is really up to 1000MW, then the business may comply with the requirements of almost zero and say, If we allow companies to 1000MW by improving standards for rectification, reinvestment in the current situation. launched hundreds of megawatts of production line it is obviously completely contrary to the laws of the market for the enterprise, it is certainly feasible. "
The executives also said that the scale can be used as an indicator, but not very important to look at the performance of the product, whether it cheap, if the quality is guaranteed. The most important is the ability of the company's continued development, but also R & D investment, new product development, which is not one size fits all. Should be complete by the market mechanism, the government plays the role of directional guidance.
In addition, access conditions prepared in polycrystalline silicon modules (whole area) photoelectric conversion efficiency above 14%, the average efficiency of monocrystalline silicon cell components in more than 15%. Currently, the average efficiency of polycrystalline module mainstream business in more than 15%, more than 16 percent in a single crystal, and the whole lower standard of 1%. In this access, participants generally agreed that participate in the discussion draft: Because the PV industry has excess capacity, and therefore want to set a little higher standard, "the difficulty of access to high threshold would be increased naturally."
Overcapacity is not equivalent to corporate excess
The majority of SMEs in Zhejiang Province, according to incomplete statistics, in August 2011, the number of enterprises in Zhejiang PV has exceeded 200. Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, is second only to the country's second largest province photovoltaic manufacturing. For this situation, the "standard" can be distinguished treat small businesses directly related to Zhejiang photovoltaic business survival and development.
Xinfu Li founded a small photovoltaic enterprises, but in the case of exports in 2012 PV companies, profits fell sharply in general, and displayed on the Hangzhou Customs data table, the performance of their company has continued to rise. In most companies in the European market struggling, his company focused on emerging markets because of development, has been the sale of products to 30 countries and regions worldwide.
Xinfu Li said: "Our company in the industry is relatively small, but we have a profit, but also better if the capacity on the basis of setting high standards, a company like ours is very passive.."
Thus, if the production scale to measure, although some capacity will not compliance, but hurt the profitability of the enterprise.
A listed company executives PV Zhejiang stressed that the current PV market confusion, because the lack of standards, uneven, resulting in excess capacity, there is technology, not technology, also followed on the herd situation arise.
"There is a standard is a good thing that national attention to the development of this industry, but I hope the development of standards to guide the industry to get out from the same low price of disorder in a competitive situation, guide enterprises to take the characteristics of development, rather than simply small businesses out of production because of China's PV industry to eliminate the excess capacity, rather than companies, which are two different things. "The photovoltaic listed company executives said.

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